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Welcome to Wicked City Brew!

Back in the day, there was a place so wild, so untamed and free they called it Wicked City. In the 1800s and on into the early 20th century, this was a place where bordellos, saloons and dance halls lined the streets and good men were tempted by wicked pursuits. From the glitzy streets of New York to the gritty shores of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf there was no argument that Jerome AZ held the infamous title of "Wickedest city in the West". Rock hardened miners and wild women flocked here from around the country to be a part of this shameless city perched on a cliff. Today a historic plaque pays tribute to this legacy outside the Wicked City Brew bar in Jerome Arizona. We invite you to come visit, read the plaque outside the bar, and enjoy a cold one in an authentic old west town! This is real Arizona history in a real old west setting.

Beer & Wine

We want to share our passion for beer and wine. We believe in great service and a fantastic overall experience in one of the Southwest's most unique settings. Join us for a beer, a glass of wine or any of our delicious specialty drinks and much more in a warm friendly atmosphere. So take a break and have a cold one!


Wicked City was established in the 1800s but our bar is much newer than that. In fact, we just opened with the idea that Jerome Arizona need a casual and classy place for Locals and Tourists alike to enjoy. We think we have hit the mark and really hope you will come in and see what this place is all about. After all not that many bars have there own historic plaque.


The idea of visiting a "Tap Room" as is just a little different that grabbing a beer at a Tavern. Here you can sample a huge variey of Beers.


"Wine is constant proof that God loves us" These were the words of Benjamin Franklin. Don't let Ben down!


You can taste over 20 beers at one time, just sit down, relax and call a cab!


Very Tasty!


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